Alright, me, who the heck is this Ryann person? 
To start, I’m a girl with a boys name..not Ry-ann, but Ryan. 
I grew up in Kansas City, Missouri … Not Kansas, but Missouri. We are a different breed across that border. :)
   About 8 years ago my son and I moved from Smithville, MO (just north of Kansas City) to Mt Horeb, WI. I accepted a job with a printing company that let me use my graphics and image editing skills, in the area. It was an offer I couldn’t pass up, so I packed us up and here we are. Still going strong, I even found me a husband! HA!  

22 years! Holy cow I can’t believe it has been that long since I picked up a camera and found the art that brings me so much joy. 
    My “real” professional photography training began at the age of 15. My mom signed me up for the “Hallmark Photo Explorers Post” in my hometown of KCMO. This experience was amazing! A classroom of fellow students my age, we all worked with the professional photographers at Hallmark Headquarters to learn photography basics and lots of industry tricks. Remember this was 22 years ago, still in the world of film!  
We had to wait a month or so to review our images. Which would feel so brutal to a 15 year old in this day and age. HA! 
    Next I began making my path through the world of portrait photography. At the age of 17 I began working at the good ol’ JCPenny Portrait Studio. I love working with the little ones, jumping around, acting a fool, playing peek-a-boo, trying to get the babies and kiddos to warm up to you so you are able to capture that true smile or expression. This was such a rewarding job for me. I can never get enough of a child’s smile. 
    Then it was time to grow up a little and I took the next step was to push my hobby/after school job a little further. I attended the University of Central Missouri in Warrensburg, Missouri. Where I achieved my degree in commercial photography, with a minor in graphics. To this day I still use the skills I gained in college. I loved the way our professors pushed us to explore our creative ways. Sometimes we failed, sometimes we succeeded. They pounded the basic techniques into us, taught us to not shoot on “auto”… and sunset landscapes were never accepted as a final image because they were “to easy.” From the chemistry to the business to the artistic they sent us out in the world well prepared to be a true professional photographer. 

Freelancing aka Ryann Utt Photography: 
    Beginning in high school, I started freelancing. Photographing my friends for our senior portraits, I never stopped shooting.  Weddings, seniors, families, pets, the list goes on and on. Any chance I get to photograph, I am a shutterbug, ready to go. 
    Back home I relied on word of mouth to pass my business around. Well, when you relocate to a town where you don’t know many people, its hard to drum up business. So to get my freelancing rolling again, I re-launched my website and started to advertise. And here we are, ready to rock and roll! 
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